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If you are contemplating a professional website for your Business, we will be happy to provide advice, guidance and a quotation to suit your needs and deliver a quality product. Redhot IT Webs offers a free initial consultation to understand your requirements and will then produce a detailed quotation for your consideration. To find out more please read the Frequently Asked Questions below and/or Contact us  

Thinking of your own Website?

The three initial questions for consideration –

  • Who will Design and Develop your website content?
  • What will you call and where will you store your website?
  • How will you maintain the content?

All three requirements are not necessarily provided by the same Supplier, but it does make things easier to co-ordinate a successful outcome

Website Domain and Hosting services

You will need a Hosted Domain to “store and address” your website (and probably email addresses). This Domain name and associated services will need to be hosted by an Internet Services Provider. We can explain the terminology and also provide these services

Website Design and Development

As a co-operative exercise with yourselves, we will define, refine and then design your website, before coding it ready for live implementation on your hosted Domain. As well as designing and developing your website, we will also agree and then include Keywords (search words), which are used by Web Search Engines to bring customers to your site – you will need to think of all the appropriate search words or phrases, and may also wish to add to them as time goes on

Website Maintenance

Your web pages may contain information that could become out of date or you may wish to update for other reasons (change in pricing or products or even people). These are considerations for ongoing maintenance. There will be a charge for Maintenance Care Plans, although careful planning will help to maintain an up-to-date and attractive site

…and the cost

The cost of a multi-page website design and development will start at £600. The total cost of your web site will very much depend on the amount and complexity of content that you require. The use of additional web services such as e-Commerce will add to the costs, as will Domain hosting and Maintenance Care Plans, but all can be explained in detail


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know before starting?

Understand the three elements of having a website

  • Registering and Hosting your Domain name
  • Website coding development
  • Maintaining the code 

What’s included in our Service ?

We will provide an end to end service of Advice and Guidance, Requirements Gathering, Website Design, Registration of your domain name, Website Development and Initial Keyword coding

We can also quote for an ongoing Maintenance Care Plan agreement and a number of support services.

What is the Development Process?

Starting with a free of charge Consultation, and followed by a Requirements Gathering session where we will:

  • Work together to discuss options and gather all your requirements
  • Agree a Delivery plan
  • Produce a Design with your company branding
  • Jointly review the draft Development, before your website is launched.

How much will it cost?

Very much dependent on what you want, however for a basic 4-page package you will need to make an investment of around £600; further pages can be added at an agreed rate, once the design is complete.

E-Commerce will be a bit more expensive, but all costs are dependent on your requirements

How long will it take?

For a basic 4-page site, we anticipate it will take approx two weeks from the agreed Design, assuming you can supply all pictures, graphics and text in a timely fashion, although Redhot IT Webs can assist you if required.