Redhot IT Wales is an Information Services Project Consultancy based in South Wales and focused on Business Change. We work in partnership with our Clients to understand and drive Business Objectives by reducing risk, reducing costs, introducing more flexibility, and increasing revenues by taking advantage of modern technologies and practices.

As an IS Project Consultancy, Redhot IT Wales prides itself on Quality and Experience as key differentiators as we focus on helping you achieve your Business benefits. Our Services include:

Programme and Project Delivery

Do you have an existing Programme and projects delivery team, or do you require additional resources  for specific purposes?

Excellent Project Delivery is the key to successful Business Change, and Redhot IT can provide experienced, quality resources to achieve that success in most delivery areas

Project delivery is our speciality, where we have an excellent record of success. We have several experienced project managers well-versed in balanced Time, Cost and Quality deliveries. We are particularly experienced in large Infrastructure Deployments, Transformations and logistically challenging Business Change

Project Practice Improvement

Have you experienced problems with delivery standards, everyone not working in the same way, or not completing the Business vision?

Your Project Practice is ultimately the key to successful results, and a high-performance Practice will deliver high quality Business Change

Redhot IT can offer a thorough review, implement improved processes and develop a maturity model for project delivery. We seek to reduce risk and costs as well as addressing Business agility and securing Business data with benefits realised in cost reduction and satisfaction levels

Programme Management Office

Who is managing your project delivery standards and driving quality deliverables ?

The Programme (or Projects) Management Office (PMO) is central to creating and managing standards and policies to be employed in Business Change in your Organisation.

Redhot IT can analyse your needs and provide a model to develop an Industry standard Programme Management Office
As well setting up an initial PMO, Redhot IT can develop and mature the environment with clear governance and Business engagement

Project Audits

Projects sometimes do not progress as planned, which can cause critical timelines to be missed and/or loss of revenue

Provision of Project Audits against delivery principles and agreed success criteria will assess and determine where the project is failing, agree the Lessons Learned and produce a recovery plan. As well as Quality Assurance gates applied at the end of Project Phase milestones, Project Audits can supplement the review process when there is belief that something has gone wrong.

Redhot IT offers an independent assessment of projects and can provide independent quality gate assessments throughout the delivery lifecycle. The assessment will include adherence to business case objectives, project delivery standards, risk management and governance, and culminate in a comprehensive report of improvements and recommendations


Size and Complexity Modelling

Not all Business Change can be managed in the same way, and new projects requests come in all shapes and sizes. Some changes may be small but critical, others requiring specialist resources or multiple delivery streams.

All Business Change requests require examination and analysis at the earliest stage to assimilate what level of skilled resources to deploy. Redhot IT can build a Size and Complexity model of procedures and decision points to maximise decision making and throughput, ensuring the correct resources and focus is placed on all Business Change

Change Lifecycle Modelling

PRINCE2 is a widely accepted model for project delivery but does it fit your Businesses investment and Approval procedures?

Does it also match your risk policy and are you losing revenue through cancelled projects? Do your Projects overrun, overspend or even fail to deliver the value?  

If this is the case, perhaps you require your IS Business Change process to be reviewed, possibly redefined, to provide greater flexibility and agility, making your decisions at the times that matter

Redhot IT can provide a service to review the project lifecycle against your Business processes and Investment Plan providing greater flexibility, whilst reducing cost and chance of failure